Areas of Therapy

Psychological Problems

Psychological problems are now almost an inseparable part of our lives, which we experience at an incredibly fast pace and under enormous pressure. The tax we pay for our lifestyle is high. It manifests itself with disturbing psychological balance and various deeper or less serious problems.

Psychosomatic Problems

In its nature, each disease is caused by disturbing the inner balance. Classical medicine focuses on symptoms and perceives the disease isolated from possible psychological causes and even isolated from other parts of the body although there is increasing scientific evidence of how significantly …

Relationship Problems

The relationships in which we act in our life determine its quality significantly as well as our mental health. At the same time, relationships provide us with a mirror, through which we can better understand ourselves, and at the same time it often makes us to change ourselves.

Personal Development

Our subconscious includes our full potential. Because of negative and suppressed emotions and learned patterns of behavior and thinking our potential is greatly restricted, better to say, we have limited access to it. If we want to take life into our own hands and start to make decisions …