we will help you...

...heal internal injuries

we will help you...

...get rid of addiction

we will help you...

...make your dreams come true

Welcome to the

Chamber of Holistic Hypnotherapy

which was created to provide highly qualified support to all hypnotherapists who approach their clients in a holistic way while respecting their uniqueness.

It brings together hypnotherapists who meet by their profiles the professional, ethical and human requirements of the Chamber in the Central Europe region.

The Chamber is responsible for its members, supports them and guarantees their therapeutic practice.
In this way it provides all hypnotherapy seekers with the opportunity to find a suitable qualified therapist.

How to Become Member

Are you a qualified hypnotherapist and are you looking for support on your professional path? Are you interested in hypnotherapy and would you like to become a professional hypnotherapist?

How to Find Hypnotherapist

The Chamber brings together hypnotherapists who meet the highest therapeutic and ethical standards with their personality and their approach to their clients and hypnosis.

Academy of Hypnotherapy

The Chamber organizes regular trainings and seminars for its members, as well as for all those interested in autohypnosis techniques and holistic hypnotherapy.