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Holistic Hypnotherapy

Holistic hypnotherapy uses all proven techniques of traditional and modern hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic schools of humanistic focus. The exceptionality of its access lies in a combination of work with the client’s consciousness, subconsciousness and superconsciousness. It is based on the assumption that the system of subconscious knows precisely what we need at the moment and is capable of leading the whole course of hypnotherapy if we enable it. Holistic hypnotherapy uses conscious work with body and breath to achieve deep relaxation, during which subconscious starts to wash out suppressed memories and emotions that are the source of psychological or health problems. Therapist helps the client understand, process, and transform these contents and emotions so that their subconscious and consciousness can be changed in deeper levels.

Holistic hypnotherapy perceives every person – a client – as a unique personality. Its main goal should be integrity – in terms of healing our younger Selves and those parts that have separated from us. It helps to cure people their internal injuries, to release feelings they have suppressed or constantly suppress and work with them. At the same time it helps them get back their self-love and self-esteem, which are often weakened, disturbed or broken by upbringing and painful, hurtful experiences and background. In its approach to the clients, it emphasizes their own ability of self-healing and self-development. It helps them learn the basic principles of functioning of our subconscious and the work with it. It leads them gradually and safely into contact with deeper levels of their being, fully respecting their uniqueness including their limitations as well as sources.

One of the basic convictions of a holistic hypnotherapist is the knowledge that in all people under all „coats“ and injuries there is the core of their being, which remains by whatever we experience unaffected and pure. It represents our inner „compass“ – which shows us the direction in our lives and helps us make the right choices. It is our conscience and our intuition, the source of our inner wisdom and healing energy. Thanks to it, we are all deep inside mutually linked and connected with Goodness and Love.

Myths versus Reality

Are you afraid not to wake up from hypnosis or to do things you do not want to do during it?

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between the terms hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a technique that is used to influence others‘ subconscious for any purpose. Also for demonstration and manipulation. In hypnotherapy, however, hypnosis is used only with the intention of initiating or supporting the healing process. From the media, it is clear that some people have also negative experience with hypnosis and that because there are some people who abuse hypnosis. However, this is a purposeful manipulation and manipulation can be done also without hypnosis. Using an influence on subconscious is currently very widespread in many areas. You do not even realize how many times you are in hypnosis when you look at an advertisement, for example, or when someone tries to get you their product in.

Do you perceive the hypnotist as someone who has supernatural abilities?

The truth is that the hypnotist can be any juggler who demonstrates his or her ability to control others in the public. When someone wants to manipulate a man, they can do it. It is enough when they have a strong personality. They always choose a submissive person. They tell them they will not remember anything and the hypnotized object loses all the barriers. They will forget it, but especially because they want not to be embarrassed if they did something embarassing during the hypnosis. It’s a psychologically thoughtful game. The power of influencing other people’s subconscious is the power of personality. The hypnotist gets it only when you give it to their hands, knowingly or unknowingly.

Unlike such use or abuse of hypnosis, hypnotherapy is based on the relationship of deep trust between the therapist and the client, and hypnosis is used during it consciously to achieve together previosly determined intention.

Man is not in hypnotherapy deprived of free will and hypnosis can be interrupted at any time.

Are you afraid you will not be able to enter hypnosis?

If you say that nobody will hypnotize you, so nobody will really do it . But only when you are fully aware of hypnosis. However, you may be hypnotized and you will not know it. Even such cases are known, but it is manipulation, not therapy.

In hypnotherapy, people enter hypnosis completely consciously and willingly. Everyone is able to enter into contact with their subconscious. In the case of deep traumatic experiences, it is of course important to approach the subconscious with great respect and deep humility supported by professionalism.

Are you scared that you will not be able to wake up from hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not in any way an unnatural state, but a state completely natural. Most people see this state as very pleasant as it is a state of deepened relaxation. Even if hypnosis brings  washing out painful memories or suppressed emotions, after their processing, most people feel a deepened inner peace. The process of awakening as well as the course of hypnosis is eminently unique. Just as there are people who return from hypnosis very quickly and are immediately wakeful, there are those who do not want to come bach from the pleasant relaxed state and wake up slowly, and they may stay for a few moments in a sort of state of wakeful dreaming.

Do you think you will not remember anything after hypnosis?

This depends primarily on the depth of hypnosis. In the third deepest (somnabulistic) phase of hypnosis, which is sometimes called trance, the conscious mind may not be able to remember. Some things at this stage it does not record. In most cases, however, hypnotherapy is carried out in a state of light (hypnoidal) or deeper (cataleptic) hypnosis in which our ability to remember is in no way affected. The hypnotherapist never suggests you that you will not remember anything. It is an advantage for him or her if you remember as much as possible. You can subsequently work with your memories therapeutically.

Are you afraid you’re going to tell your PIN code when you’re in hypnosis or where you hide gold after your grandmother at home?

That does not work like this at all. Occasionally for example jealous partners want to use hypnosis to refute or validate their presumptions. But if you do not want to, you do not say anything in hypnosis, respectively you do not even get into hypnosis. If you have strong motivation not to reveal something, even the best hypnotist does not get it by a direct question from you. In hypnotherapy, hypnosis is used to treat morbid jealousy, it is never used to gain questionable evidence, which has no value at all, and certainly can not help partners whose relationship and personality is deeply disturbed by jealousy.

However, you should not forget that even a hypnotherapist may abuse your state of deep trust and relaxation. He is a man just like a priest or other therapist. That’s why it’s very important to properly verify the man you want to entrust your subconscious to. It is ideal to get references and choose a therpaist whose professional and moral qualities are guaranteed by a responsible organization (such as Chamber of Holistic Hypnotherapy). Meet them personally and allow yourself ask them all the questions that are important to you. Each of us has a natural inner protection, which let you know to whom you can trust and who cannot. If you have any doubts, no therapist can force you to undergo the therapy at him or her. After the introductory consultation, you have the freedom to decide.

Truth about Subconcious

The main function of our subconscious is to protect us. Everything we learn in the first years of life sets the foundation for our automatic responses that prevail in our lives. If you think how you work most of the day, about many of your activities, you do not even think. Everything is controlled by your subconscious which helps you survive. 90-95% of our activities are subcoconscious. What causes people’s biggest problem nowadays is that they do not listen to their subconscious that gives them signals through the body as well as through various unpleasant feelings, such as anxiety or anger. We are taught to suppress these signals either with drugs or with alcohol or other addictive substances. A lot of people get rid of unpleasant feelings in the way that they pass them on and so they passed on their closest one. That of course undermines their relations, which inevitably become subsequently another source of tension and conflicts. Considerate and sensitive people suppres their feelings inside of themselves, which soon begins to be reflected on their health.

Holistic hypnotherapy helps people understand their subconsciousness as an immensely effective system of self-preservation. We have a system that can in a hundredth of a second evaluate thousands of different information and manage hundreds of processes in all our body. The problem is not the system but the content of our subconscious. Even if you put the wrong information into the most powerful system, you cannot expect it to work just as well as before. If your parents put into the system, for example, information that you are stupid and you will never do anything good in your life, you can not expect that you will be able to live with self-confidence and will go determinedly for your goals. There may be more „wrong“ information in your system, but your subconscious, however, helps you to survive.

Holistic hypnotherapy seeks for the source and sense of the symptoms and rejects their mechanical suggesting away. Doing so, it trusts the system of subconscious that there is everything in it that is necessary for the client’s healing, respectively for positive changes in their reacting or experiencing. It also helps their clients connect to that part of a being which remains unaffected by whatever they have experienced and where there are sources that support the change leading to inner harmony and health. If our subconscious is filled with a lot of negative information, memories, and negative beliefs about ourselves based on them, it is necessary to include our superconscious into therapy, which enables us to connect with the deeper levels of our being.