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About us

The Chamber of Holistic Hypnotherapy aims:

To associate accredited therapists of holistic hypnotherapy, to provide them with comprehensive support in the field of professional and personal growth and through regular supervision to guarantee their professional, ethical and human approach to their clients.

To provide and disseminate scientifically and professionally based information on the use and effects of hypnotherapy in all areas of human life.

To establish the official database of hypnotherapists in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and surrounding countries, who agree with the Code of Ethics and their expertise, human and professional profiles, meet the requirements of the Chamber.

To organize accredited and specialized training for hypnotherapists from all therapeutic and helping professions as well as courses, seminars and trainings for the general public.

To support and promote the use of holistic and regression autohypnosis techniques to improve health, life and personal development.

Code of Ethics of the Chamber

All members of the Chamber are bound to adhere to the Code of Ethics, which provides safe conditions for the provision of holistic hypnotherapy and prevents its abuse. Since hypnosis can be used not only for therapeutic purposes, it is one of the main ambitions of the Chamber to promote general awareness of hypnosis and its healing effects. The Chamber strictly distances itself from any attempts to use hypnosis to manipulate others and restrict the free will of others.

The Chamber guarantees the high professional and moral credit of its members.

Each member of the Chamber commits to comply with the following rules and commits to their strict compliance:

– I will treat all of my clients‘ information as eminently confidential. If the situation requires, I will talk about their problems only with their written consent.

– My primary interest will always be the health, dignity and rights of my clients.

– I will keep a professional distance to avoid under any circumstances a client’s abuse and I will not enter into any personal relationship with them during the duration of the therapy.

– I will never persuade my clients to discontinue their medication prescribed by their doctors or to make any serious decision about treatment without previous consultation with them.

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