Accredited Training of Holistic Hypnotherapy

Holistic hypnotherapy is a powerful therapeutic tool that works with the deepest levels of a human being. It works with a man’s subconscious, using traditional and modern approaches to hypnosis, and combines them mutually according to the client’s needs and personalities. In addition, unlike traditional hypnotherapy schools, it engages in healing the body that is directly associated with our subconscious. Conscious work with cell memory can connect a person to his/her memories. If memories are a source of internal blocks and imbalance, it is necessary to release the suppressed emotions associated with them and change the memory track at the cellular level. An integral part of holistic hypnotherapy is the connection to the superconsciousness that becomes the source of inner transformation and healing. The training of holistic hypnotherapy is organized in the way to prepare future therapists for both the human and the professional side to handle this challenging and responsible task.

Accredited Training of Holistic Hypnotherapy is intended for professionals and therapists in the area of psychology, alternative medicine and all assisting professions.

The training is focused on creating basic skills and mastering necessary theoretical knowledge and techniques of holistic hypnotherapy. During the training participants have the opportunity to practice acquired techniques and supervision. Each graduate will receive the study material and after each meeting recordings of practical exercises. After successful completion they will receive a certificate in Slovak and English language on the completion of the accredited study.

Admission requirements:

The basic condition is to send a CV and a motivation letter together with the subsequent passing of an admission interview. Before completing the training of holistic hypnotherapy, it is recommended to take a course of holistic autohypnosis, but other courses and trainings in the field of psychotherapy and holistic therapy are also taken into account.

Conditions for successful completion of the training:

Personal attendance at meetings in the range of 100% and passing theoretical and practical exams.

Course Duration:

One-year Course (96 hours)

The course is organized in the form of 6 + 2 weekend meetings (in the range of 12 hours). The content of the first 6 meetings is theoretical education combined with experiential techniques and training of basic therapeutical skills, 2 other meetings are supervisory, connected with the passing of theoretical and practical examinations.

 Training Price:

1 120,- EUR (each meeting is paid separately, with 50% advance deposit for the last meeting being paid before the first meeting)

Training Venue:

Štefánikova 5, Trnava

Planned start of the new year of training:

15.06. 2019

Scheduled meeting dates:

1.)  15. – 16. june 2019

2.)  06. – 07. july 2019

3.)  03. – 04. august 2019

4.)  24. – 25. august 2019

5.)  14. – 15. september 2019

6.)  05. – 06. october 2019

7.)  07. – 08. december 2019

8.)  11. – 12. january 2020