Course of Regression Autohypnosis

The course of regression autohypnosis is intended for all who want to get in touch with their past and learn to draw from it deeper understanding of their lives and subconscious programs that greatly affect their health, relationships, and deep convictions of themselves and of the world. The course is experiential and its aim is to master the techniques by which we can transform negative programs in our subconscious and treat those parts of our being that have separated from us at some point and are a source of health or psychological problems. It helps participants understand that knowing our past does not automatically mean a change in negative programs, but the release of suppressed emotions makes available the programs that come out of them, and then we need to create a new positive program and help our subconscious accept and process it. Each participant will receive the necessary materials together with regression autohypnosis recordings and a certificate of completion of the course in the Slovak and English languages.

Course Duration

Weekend course (12 hours): Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00, Sunday from 9:00 to 15:00

Course Price: 

159,- EUR

Course Venue:

Štefánikova 5, Trnava

Course Dates:

04. november 2018
10. november 2019

It is necessary to send a binding application at least 7 days before the course, together with advance of 50% of the course price.