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Membership in the Holistic Hypnotherapy Chamber is available to an appropriately qualified hypnotherapist and entitles to the following benefits:

  • entry on the list of accredited hypnotherapists published on the Chamber’s website
  • regular educational meetings of accredited hypnotherapists
  • participation in events organized by the Chamber and discounted admission to all such actions
  • publishing expert professional articles and case studies on the Chamber’s website
  • permission to use the name and logo of the Holistic Hypnotherapy Chamber
  • personal and professional support
  • regular individual supervision
  • full voting rights within the Chamber and its decision-making

Terms of Admission

In the case you are interested in becoming a member of the Chamber of Holistic Hypnotherapy , we require you to demonstrate the education, skills and experience of a competent, moral, holistic hypnotherapist.

All acceding members must therefore demonstrate their qualifications, skills and experience at a level consistent with the requirements and standards of the Chamber.

The membership per a year is EUR 80 for graduates of the Accredited Training of  Holistic Hypnotherapy organized by the Chamber and EUR 110 for others interested in membership.

If you are interested in membership, please contact us at

We are willing to answer any of your questions and inquiries related to the membership.