Personal Development

Our subconscious includes our full potential. Because of negative and suppressed emotions and learned patterns of behavior and thinking our potential is greatly restricted, better to say, we have limited access to it.

If we want to take life into our own hands and start to make decisions about ourselves, it is necessary to get known ourselves first. A human being is like a glacier that manifests itself on the surface through  certain behavior and reaction. If we want to change our behavior, we must go to its sources and the learned formula of our reaction. If we lack self-confidence and perceive ourselves as incompetent and stupid, it is impossible to be happy and integrated beings. If we did not receive support and love in our childhood, it is difficult to trust the world and other people and to get rid of fear and feeling threatened.

Returning to ourselves is a complex and often painful process, so it is so important to go through it with the support of someone who can help us to get known ourselves. Nowadays there is a lot of motivational literature where you can find lots of useful facts but put them into practice and start using them is much harder. If we have suppressed feelings of anger, hatred towards others or ourselves inside, we can hardly draw attention to positive values and goals.

The aim of holistic hypnotherapy is to reach out to their resources and to learn to use them again. Through courses or individual therapies, clients learn techniques to improve their physical health as well as their mental abilities and psychic qualities. The natural consequence of such work on themselves is increased self-confidence as well as increased level of self-esteem.

In the case of personal development, there are no verified shortcuts or quick solutions. With every change we make, it is important to take time  and to be understanding, sensitive and patient to ourselves. If we are seeking a quick result-oriented solution, we often suppress those parts of our being that are preventing and often shaming us. The result is then only temporary or superficial, and in an unguarded moment of inner weakness or pressure, everything that we have suppressed will come out in full force and overrules us to demand our attention.

Areas where holistic hypnotherapy can help improve the quality of your life:

  • Improving the ability to learn and remember
  • Coping with stage fright
  • Increasing self-confidence and faith in one’s own abilities
  • Reinforcement of the positive way of thinking
  • Improving communication skills
  • Reinforcement of the power of a positive intention