Relationship Problems

The relationships in which we act in our life determine its quality significantly as well as our mental health. At the same time, relationships provide us with a mirror, through which we can better understand ourselves, and at the same time it often makes us to change ourselves. Even though we tend to expect that the other people will change according to our needs and ideas, the truth remains that we are the only ones who we own and who we can change.

Relationships between parents and children create a basic space where children acquire their own optics through which they perceive themselves and the world. In education we often repeat the mistakes of our parents. We transfer our fears as well as our unfulfilled dreams to our children.

Intimate relationships are currently very complicated and painful. People are running from one relationship to another without knowing themselves. We constantly repeat the same mistakes and attract a similar type of partners.

Another group of people who have a significant impact on us are our co-workers and superiors. Even these relationships can become a source of constant stress and internal tension.

During holistic hypnotherapy, the clients have the opportunity to understand their feelings and programs that affect their relationships with the people around them, whether in the area of partnerships or working relationships. If we want to make deeper changes within ourselves, it is essential to release suppressed emotions. As just untreated memories and traumas prevent us from creating equal relationships. Frequently, we can not get consciously to deeply suppressed memories, and hypnotherapy helps us get to painful and suppressed memories and emotions.

The most common problems in the area of relationships which people come to hypnotherapy with:

  • Painful separation or divorce that cannot be coped with
  • Marital or partnership issues that are manifested by disturbed communication or intimate life
  • Repeated non-functioning patterns in relationships that lead to similar painful and unequal relations
  • Problematic working relations, problems with authorities
  • Broken relationships between parents and children, especially during adolescence
  • Victims of manipulation and codependence