Ing. Lucia Tekulová

Ing. Lucia Tekulová


During my university studies at the Pedagogical Faculty of Trnava University, I had the opportunity to learn more about the study of psychology. I passed two state exams from it. I continued in my studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Technology in Trnava. In 2015 I personally got in touch with hypnotherapy and I experienced the strength of hypnosis that can make changes in the deeper levels of human beings. Based on my own deep personal experience, I gradually came to the desire to provide help and support in the form of hypnotherapy to others. In my practice, I use all the experience gained by self-study as well as by the completed trainings. I believe that every person has all the necessary resources and means to make changes both within themselves as well as in their lives in accordance with their wishes and desires.

 I graduated following trainings and courses:

Course of holistic autohypnosis (Mgr. Andrea Bellayová)
Accredited training of holistic hypnotherapy (Mgr. Andrea Bellayová)

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Ing. Lucia Tekulová