Mgr. Andrea Bellayová

Mgr. Andrea Bellayová

hypnotherapist and lecturer

I graduated pedagogy at the FF UPJŠ in Prešov and gradually I have been acquainted with various psychotherapeutic techniques, subconscious work, regression therapies as well as with energy healing. In my practice I provide counseling and therapy in the area of psychological and psychosomatic problems as well as interpersonal relationships. I help my clients discover blocks and programs in their subconscious and create new healthier attitudes and habits that dramatically alter the quality of their lives. At the same time I have created and run courses for the general and professional public. I am a believer even though I do not belong to any particular religion. I believe that all the answers to our questions, as well as everything we need for healing and recovery, is saved inside us.

I graduated following trainings and courses:

  • Course of clinical hypnosis in Kroměříž (Doc. PhDr. Stanislav Kratochvíl, Csc.)
  • Course of regression hypnotherapy, title DPLT (Diploma in Past Life Therapy),  title – Registered  Regression Hypnotherapist (British Association of Regression Hypnotherapy)
  • Courses of SRT and SPR (Ing. Kamila Kvasnicová)
  • Psychotherapeutic training Remedium I. in Prague
  • Therapeutic course STAR basic in V. Satirova Institute

Contact details:

Mgr. Andrea Bellayová, Jeruzalemská 18, 917 01 Trnava
Tel.: 00421 911 765 589