Mgr. Andrea Kizmanová

Mgr. Andrea Kizmanová


I have dedicated my professional life to work in assisting professions. Over 18 years in the hospital and later in the private sphere. In my work, I have often encountered hopelessness that resulted in deteriorated health or psychological problems. However, behind many of these problems there are hidden long-term suppressed emotions, unsolved and accumulated internal problems of various kinds or traumas. More and more I have been wondering how the human soul, mind and body work. Over the years, I have gone through a number of seminars and courses focused on body and soul relationship, work with the mind, and diagnostic and therapeutic methods. In hypnotherapy, I see tremendous potential and the way to pass successfully through crises or seemingly unsolvable situations.

I graduated following trainings and courses:

  • Accredited training of holistic hypnotherapy (Mgr. Andrea Bellayová)
  • Course of hypnosis and autohypnosis ( PhDr. Jiří Zíka)
  • Course of regression hypnosis (Mgr. Andrea Bellayová)
  • Alternative and complementary medicine

Contact details:

Mgr. Andrea Kizmanová
Rosná 16, 040 01 Košice
Tel.: 00421 911 588 883