Mgr. Bc. Marek Pospíchal

Mgr. Bc. Marek Pospíchal


I have studied International Relations and Environmental Management. I have been dealing with psychology and the soul of man for ten years. I devote to the pedagogy and development of children. In my therapeutical practice, I develop a person at the level of the soul. I aim to eliminate the roots of psychosomatic and somatic problems and to find the direct path to inner potential. In my practice I use the lessons acquired from my life as well as everything I learned during my trainings and courses.

I graduated following trainings and courses:

  • Silva mind control I., II., III. (Dr. Eva Štarková a Mgr. Katarína Lukácsová)
  • Deep-mind abreactive psychotherapy I., II. (Mgr. Pavel Ján Sobek)
  • Course of regression hypnosis  (Mgr. Andrea Bellayová )
  • Accredited training of holistic hypnotherapy (Mgr. Andrea Bellayová)
  • Course of pneuthotherapy (Mgr. Pavel Ján Sobek)
  • Music therapy and constellations (Mgr. Zdeňek Šimanovský)

Contact details

Mgr. Bc. Marek Pospíchal
900 42 Dunajská Lužná
Tel.: 00421 918 675 714