Mgr. Jana Rozborilová

Mgr. Jana Rozborilová

psychologist and hypnotherapist

My whole professional life I have been working in the area of services. Working with people is a great challenge for me. It is beautiful but demanding. I’ve always looked deeper at the way how we behave, how we feel, how we act or think. I wanted to understand it, so I decided to study psychology. I graduated at Pavel Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. Already during my studies I was interested in hypnosis. It impressed mi by its possibilites, and it is the main reason why I have been educated in this effective therapeutic method after graduation.

You can find me at the Medical Center Lineal in Košice, which I own.

I graduated following trainings and courses:

  • Relaxation – symbolic psychotherapy training (PhDr.  Zuzana Novosadová, PhDr. Katarína Hadasová)
  • Course of hypnosis for beginners (PhDr.  Jíři  Zika)
  • Course of hypnosis for advanced (PhDr.  Jíři  Zika )
  • Course of regression hypnosis (PhDr. Renáta Ráchelová)
  • Accredited training of holistic hypnotherapy (Mgr. Andrea Bellayová)

 (I currently complete a comprehensive 4-year psychotherapeutic training in systemic approach)

Contact details:

Mgr. Jana Rozborilová, Puškinova ul. 2 – 4 /1. posch./, 040 01 Košice

Tel.:          +421 948 044 658