Zuzana Kováčová

Zuzana Kováčová


I studied Chemistry and I work in pharmaceutical industry. I have always had the need to help people in my neighborhood and I have been looking for new ways and approaches to an inner change. My path led me to hypnotherapy. Thanks to it, I found a way to help people in my neighborhood and all those who are looking for help. I realize that everything we need on our path is in ourselves and it is up to us to learn how to deal with our emotions and inner injuries. I believe in the Power that we all have in ourselves, and I feel that in my therapeutic practice I help all who are ready for it, to connect with it and to use it for their healing and the realization of inner changes that make their lives easier and better.

I graduated following trainings and courses:

  • Accredited training of holistic hypnotherapy (Mgr. Andrea Bellayová)
  • Course of autohypnosis (Mgr. Božena Kopřivová)
  • Course of regression therapy (Mgr. Božena Kopřivová)
  • Course – Children and Emotions (Mgr. Božena Kopřivová)

Contact details:

Zuzana Kováčová
Strelníky 13, 976 55 Ľubietová
Tel.: 00421 911 242 526
E-mail: zuzana.kovacova40@gmail.com